Precisions units are housed in specially designed and engineered 8‘x14’ aluminum containers which conform to high safety & design standards. Each unit generates 200 boiler horsepower at pressures up to 350 PSI with temperatures as high as 435 degrees F. in 10 minutes or less.

Precisions steam generator design offers many advantages over conventional boilers because of its inherently low water volume. Among these benefits are:

  • High Level of Operator Safety
    producing up to 6,695,000 Btu/hr
  • Diesel fired
  • Rapid Start-up and Excellent Load - Following Response
  • Automatic Step-Fire Control
  • High Thermal Efficiency & Fuel Efficiency
  • Small footprint allows installation in tight areas
  • 75% less fuel used than a conventional boiler to reach full steam output
  • One third the weight of a conventional boiler
  • High level of steam generation safely
  • High consistent fuel to steam efficiency
  • Full steam head output and pressure in ten minutes or less
  • Louisiana State Certified

Each units has a built in emergency shut down system "ESD" which is conected to the following devices for a high level of safety:

LEL Gas detection

Fusible loop

ESD station


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